Boys Volleyball Travel Teams



  • South Carolina and Palmetto Volleyball Association are working to bring boys volleyball to high school and middle school athletics programs.

  • Colleges are actively recruiting players and awarding athletic scholarships for men’s volleyball

  • War Eagles is excited to provide the opportunity for area boys to learn and grow in this sport.  

  • Club fees are determined by the number of players per team and the number of tournaments entered   

  • $10 tryout fee (covers the cost to rent the gym)


Tryout dates are now posted on the Tryouts page.
***Registration with both War Eagles and USAV is required prior to your arrival at tryouts ***
(Please click here for War Eagles form completion.  You may click the button below to be taken to the USAV registration)
  • Please print and bring your proof of USAV membership with you.  Instructions for printing can be found here