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SC War Eagles Volleyball Coaching Staff

Coach Valerie Long brings over twenty-five years of coaching experience to the sport of volleyball. With a distinguished career as a director or co-director in clubs spanning the Carolina and Palmetto Regions, her expertise and dedication have left a lasting impact.

Valerie's fervent passion for the sport shines through in every aspect of her coaching. Whether on the practice court or in the midst of intense tournaments, her enthusiasm and encouragement uplift her teams, fostering an environment of growth and camaraderie.

As a visionary leader at SC War Eagles, Valerie aims to expand the love for volleyball across the York County region. Her mission is to introduce players to the sport, nurturing their talents, and helping them become highly competitive forces, not just locally, but regionally and nationally as well.

With Coach Valerie Long at the helm, we are confident that our athletes will soar to new heights, embracing the sport of volleyball with ardor and determination. Together, we will build a legacy of excellence, empowering our players to become extraordinary athletes and ambassadors of the game.

Chealsea Jones Volleyball


Coach Chelsea Jones

Coach Chelsea played volleyball at Alleghany High School in Sparta, NC.  She then played Salem College in Winston-Salem, NC where her team was the GSAC Conference Tournament Champions in 2012. During her time with Salem volleyball, they were the first sport to earn a bid to the NCAA DIII Tournament and Chelsea was the first ever Conference MVP (2012) in school history.  

Coach Jones started her volleyball coaching career in 2010 at Alleghany Volleyball Club in Sparta, NC. She then worked at Fluid Volleyball Club in Winston-Salem, NC where she became a Master Coach and Assistant Club Director over a four-year span. In 2014, she went back to her Alma mater, Salem College, to be the Assistant Volleyball Coach and helped lead the team to their second GSAC Conference Tournament Championship and NCAA DIII Regional Tournament bid.

Coach Jones was then given the opportunity to start a volleyball program at Laurel University in High Point, NC in 2015. She took the John Wesley University (previously named Laurel University) volleyball team to the NCCAA South Regional Tournament in both 2016 and 2017.  She is now the Director of Athletics and Head Volleyball Coach at Carolina University in Winston-Salem where she led the team to become the NCCAA South Regional Champions and National Tournament participants in 2018 and 2022.  She has also had multiple athletes earn All-Region, All-Academic, and All-American honors.


Coach Amy Berlak

From a young age, Coach Amy's passion for volleyball ignited in the 5th grade when she started playing for her school team. As her skills blossomed, she joined CJV in Charlotte, NC, at the age of 12, setting the stage for an impressive journey in the sport.

Even as a 13-year-old freshman, Amy's talent was undeniable, making her varsity debut at Charlotte Catholic High School. Throughout her high school years, she continued to shine on the Juniors circuit, and her dedication paid off as her CCHS team secured volleyball state championships in her sophomore, junior, and senior years.

With her skills honed to perfection, Amy embarked on a new chapter as a college freshman, earning a scholarship to play for Florida Tech in Melbourne, FL. There, she left her mark by setting the school record for most aces in a match, a testament to her exceptional talent and determination.

After her college journey, Amy returned to Charlotte to complete her schooling and embark on the journey of starting a family. Eager to pass on her knowledge and love for the game to a new generation, she embraced the role of a coach with enthusiasm.

We are thrilled to have Coach Amy Berlak as part of our coaching team, and we know that her remarkable journey and dedication to volleyball will inspire and empower our players to reach new heights in their own volleyball endeavors. Together, we are excited to foster a positive and nurturing environment, as we strive to create a lasting impact on our players' lives.


Coach Corey Long

With a passion for volleyball that began at the young age of 10, Corey has been actively involved in both girls' and boys' teams, leaving a lasting mark on the sport. For the past 5 years, he has contributed his skills and knowledge as an assistant coach, and on the side, he enjoys teaching private lessons, eager to share his expertise with aspiring athletes.

Corey's dedication to volleyball is unwavering, as demonstrated by his continued involvement as a player on the Stars 18/Lions team. Even with his impressive commitment to the sport, Corey has found a way to pursue higher education, having committed to play D1 Men's Volleyball at Tusculum University. Here, he is determined to earn his BS degree in Criminal Justice, proving that excellence on and off the court go hand in hand.

A graduate of Clover High School, Corey stands as a testament to being a true two-sport athlete, showcasing his talents in both baseball and volleyball. His joy lies in seeing players grow and flourish in their fundamental skills, as he takes immense pride in sharing the knowledge he has acquired over the years.

We are honored to have Coach Corey Long as an invaluable member of our coaching team, and we look forward to witnessing the positive impact he will make on the development of our athletes. His journey to Tusculum University is an inspiring example of hard work and dedication paying off, and we are excited to follow his continued success both as a player and a coach.


Coach Mae McKinney

Mae's journey with War Eagles began right from the inaugural season of the club, and she devoted an incredible 5 years to playing on both club and national teams. Not just that, Mae also made her mark playing for Clover High School and PRV, showcasing her passion and commitment to the sport.

As her love for volleyball grew, Mae transitioned to coaching roles, starting with Academy, 12U, and 13U teams at War Eagles. Currently, she is proudly coaching the 14U team, pouring her knowledge and expertise into nurturing the next generation of talented players.

In addition to team coaching, Mae has been actively involved in conducting private lessons, imparting valuable skills to individual athletes seeking personal growth. Adding to her coaching accomplishments, Mae also served as the coach for 8th-grade volleyball at Oakridge Middle School during the 2021 and 2022 seasons.

A dedicated learner, Mae is excited to embark on a new chapter at Winthrop, where she is determined to obtain her degree in education. We are truly fortunate to have Mae as a vital part of our coaching staff at War Eagles, and we eagerly anticipate the incredible


Coach Laurie Parker

Hello, I'm Laurie Parker, a proud Hoosier born and raised in a charming Indiana town. In 2004, I relocated to Columbia, South Carolina, after tying the knot. Recently, my family and I settled in the serene Lake Wylie area


in 2019, relishing the lake life, excellent schools, and the vibrant city of Charlotte.

Volleyball has been an integral part of my life since high school and college, including club ball, where I honed my skills as a setter and gained experience in the back row. Passionate about the sport, I had the privilege of coaching the 15U team in 2022 and am currently leading two teams: 13U and 16U with the esteemed War Eagles.

As a coach, my primary focus is to witness the girls' growth in volleyball skills, knowledge, and technique. However, what excites me most is seeing them thrive as a united team, competing fiercely, and fostering a genuine love for the game. Let's embark on this incredible journey together, as we ignite a shared passion for volleyball and empower these young athletes to reach their full potential.

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Coach Anna Bellardini

My volleyball journey began with Asheville City Schools, and from there, my passion for the sport only grew stronger. Through college and adult clubs, I continued to nurture my skills and love for the game.

For the past 5 years, I have been actively engaged as a club coach, dedicating myself to helping young athletes unlock their full potential. Additionally, I take great pride in organizing team camps for local high schools and middle schools in my hometown, sharing my knowledge and expertise with the next generation of players.

As a coach, my philosophy centers around building a supportive and trusting environment for my players. Through positivity and encouragement, I empower each individual to thrive, regardless of their starting point. My ultimate goal is to take every player to their personal best, fostering a sense of achievement and camaraderie on and off the court.

With Anna Bellardini as your coach, you can expect a nurturing and uplifting experience, where each player's growth and development are paramount. Together, let's embark on a journey of excellence, instilling a lifelong love for volleyball and cultivating a strong sense of teamwork and achievement.


Hello, I'm Alexis Reyes, an avid volleyball player with 10 years of experience. I feel incredibly fortunate to have the chance to both play and coach for SC War Eagles (SCWE). Having been part of various clubs in the past, I can confidently say that War Eagles provides the most supportive and enriching environment. As a student-athlete at York Comprehensive High School, I have had the privilege of working with different coaches and programs, which has given me valuable insights. My goal is to utilize these experiences to cultivate a healthy and positive atmosphere for both players and parents at SCWE. Together, let's make our volleyball journey remarkable and inspiring!

coach katie.JPG

I’m Katie Blow, I’m from Easley, South Carolina. I played volleyball at my local rec starting in 1st grade then moved to club when I started playing at Gettys Middle School for 2 years and then Easley High School for 3 years until I was injured. I have a total of 11 years of playing experience. I was the defense coach at Gettys Middle School my senior year, after my injury during junior year. I currently attend Winthrop University for Social Studies Education with a double minor in sports management.

I have experienced coaching 14u girls in rec volleyball, and 12-14u girls in a school volleyball. I helped out two old coaches of mine, who were coaching a 16 Elite team, with stats and learned some amazing coaching skills my senior year during club season. I have seen and experienced all levels of volleyball and I’m excited to continue my coaching career here at SCWE Club. I currently coach U14 Boys.

We are seeking coaches who can contribute their distinct skills and talents to our volleyball courts, guiding our athletes to unlock their full potential. While achieving victories is a priority, we equally emphasize creating an environment where our athletes not only enjoy themselves but also thrive and develop as volleyball players. We value and respect each individual within our sports community.

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