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We appreciate your participation and the support you've shown for SC War Eagles Volleyball Club.

To make the tryout process easier for all of you, I will try to provide as much information on my end as possible for you to be prepared on Saturday for tryouts & be able to make a decision once you are given an offer. I have also included the projected tournament schedules with the head coach listed on insert.  



  1. Arrive 15 minutes earlier that your scheduled time to allow for check in process. Legion High School Gym

  2. Wear a SOLID colored tee shirt. A number will be pinned on their lower back. 

  3. This is a closed tryout to spectators.  You may leave and return or stay in the parent's sitting room that is located next to the gym. Please do not stand at the glass do to gym to distract the players or coaches.  No video or pictures through the glass window.  an occasional glance is fine : )


  1. Paper copy of USAV tryout membership card if possible.  If not a copy of the membership on your phone is acceptable.  It must be the tryout membership for 2024 season with the QR code.

  2. Medical Release form filled out completely.  Signed by one parent (no need for notary).

  3. Multi Club Tryout Disclosure - only if trying out for more than one club.  Each club will need a copy.  This is a Palmetto Region requirement.

  4. Water bottle for breaks.  


  1. Coaches will be rating each player according to skill level in each of the following areas (serve, pass, set, hit, movement, & attitude).  The coaches will take that information and RANK the players according to position to make offers for teams.

  2. No offers will be given on the floor to the players.  Coaches discuss the players for the hour following each session.  

  3. Offers can be given as early as one hour following the tryout by calling the parent listed on the registration for tryout. 

  4. Offers need to be accepted or declined by noon on Tuesday, August 8th to allow the next offer to be given.  However, as soon as you have made your decision, please contact the coach that called.  This process can be very stressful for parents & coaches and we all want to settle teams as soon as possible.  PVA requires once decisions are made to make your decision known to all clubs you tried out for.

  5. Everyone will be receiving a phone call by Tuesday evening, August 9th.  Make up tryouts are August 8th, so it is important to allow this process to take the time needed to form teams of like skill and fill all positions.

  6. 10 players are needed per team.  11 players are allowed but no more than 11.  

  7. A deposit of $200 is required once you have accepted an offer.  This $200 is applied to your fees. The accounting system for 2024 (SnapSpend) is not up and running yet which allows for a payment plan, so you will need to send the deposit via Venmo (@scwareagles-vbclub) (last 4 if needed is 0673) or Zelle (704-654-0047).

  8. Fees are divided into 4 payments for regional teams and 5 payments for semi & national teams. This is for the allowance of fundraising, sponsorships, and ease on the families.  First payment is due by October 15 and each month following.  Payment in full is also accepted to avoid setting up SnapSpend.  If you decide to be on the payment method, SnapSpend account is required.

  9. We will have new jerseys this year.  We used the previous ones for 2 seasons and now they are discontinued by Under Armour.  Our new jerseys will be ready for ordering by the parent with an email notification that is generated team by team.  You will receive an email from me first to let you know to look for the email notification from 431.  The regional teams will need 2 jerseys (white long sleeve and navy sleeveless).  The semi-national teams will need 3 jerseys (white long sleeve, navy sleeveless, and gold short sleeve).  The national teams will need 4 jerseys (white long sleeve, navy sleeveless, gold short sleeve, & pink (DigPink) sleeveless).  Jerseys are approximately $55 each and will be used for a minimum of two years.  Navy Spandex, hoodies, tees, fanwear, & more will be available with the 431 Sports link all year.

  10. One practice tee shirt will be provided by War Eagles to each player before December 1st according to the size that was stated on the registration form.


  1. Club wide meeting is planned for Thursday, November 16th @ Eastview Baptist Church Conference Room.  

  2. All memberships upgraded to FULL membership once a team is made and an offer accepted.

  3. Officiating courses completed by January 1, 2024

  4. Jerseys must be ordered within 2 weeks of making a team.  An authorized amount is held on the CC given on the order, but not paid for until the items are shipped from 431Sports.

  5. 2 practices a week with one positional training on Wednesday evening or Saturday mornings @ York Wesleyan Wesleyan or Semi & National teams before tournaments begin in January. Facility locations are not determined yet, but we use churches in York, RH, Lake Wylie, Clover, LPA, & RHSEC.  All ore within 20 miles from one another in YORK COUNTY. Your practice schedule will be given to you once we form the teams. We use mostly Tuesdays & Thursdays and Mondays & Wednesdays. 


  • REGIONAL TEAM PLAYERS (12D, 12U & 13U) $1300  ($200 deposit, $275 payments October, November, December, & January)

  • SEMI NATIONAL PLAYERS (13U, 14U, 15U, 16U, 17/18U) $1800 ($200 deposit, $320 payments October, November, December, January & February)

  • NATIONAL PLAYERS (14U, 15U, 15U, 16U, 17/18U) $2600  ($200 deposit, $480 payments October, November, December, & January & February)  

  • Payments will be set on automatic payments on the 15th of each month.  If you need another date set in my system on a regular basis, please let me know before October 1st. 

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